Interior Design Boards

Since 1990 M&Y Interiors have been designing luxurious interiors in North London and the rest of the capital. Our clients depend on our professional expertise to craft memorable spaces that are inspirational and practical, enhancing their lives at home and the workplace.

A reason we retain so many of our clients is due to the honest and transparent nature of our service. In order to believe we can deliver your vision, you need to understand how it works. From the consultation stage to the use of mood boards and the materials we’ll use in the project, we build relationships that last and designs that matter.

Creative use of mood boards

Creating the perfect interior relies on detailed planning as much as it does creativity. At M&Y Interiors we combine these two vital ingredients to bring domestic and commercial spaces to life. Our inspirational use of mood boards and fabric boards allows us to experiment with ideas and concepts, illustrating the various facets of the design.

Using design boards for interior design is a traditional method that serves as one of the foundations of our service. It allows clients to get a sense of how the room will look and understand the wider theme behind the concept. All of this takes place before any work has begun and it helps to make the service more efficient, whilst giving confidence to our customers that we will be able to transform their home as imagined.

A key reason why interior design boards play such an integral role is that they promote a collaborative process. We create long-lasting designs for you to live and work in and understand how passionate you are about the project too. Whether it’s an image from a magazine, a swatch of wallpaper or anything else, the smallest of suggestions can go a long way in moulding the final vision.

A professional design service

We make use of interior design mood boards as part of our professional consultation service to maximise the budget you have available. Not only does it establish the mood and style you want to create, but it also serves as a reflection of your taste and personality. Combined with the practical requirements of the room it all plays into the design brief and larger scope of the project we are working on.

Years of interior design experience tells us you need a company that sees things from your perspective and we are always ready to go the extra mile when needed. M&Y Interiors guide you through the process from start to finish, using specialist materials and fittings to give meaning to the world around you.