Interior Installation

M&Y Interiors are a North London interior design company who offer a full suite of services for private residents, commercial businesses and property developers in the region. We create premium, luxury environments for clients with discerning taste, building transformative spaces that inspire and ignite the imagination in equal measure.

Professional Partnerships

At M&Y Interiors, we’ve cultivated many professional contacts and relationships in the industry. Having worked as interior designers for over 20 years, we have collaborated with the best architects, landscape gardeners, builders, painting specialists, lighting technicians, and other experts. We draw upon this extensive network of professionals when developing designs for our clients.

When you choose M&Y Interiors, we pass this expertise on to you. In installing the interior features and furniture in a space, we only rely on the most seasoned experts to complete the project. Interior installation can include anything from laying down new flooring and painting the walls to arranging the new furniture and hanging up decorative pieces.

Any aspect of the interior installation that isn’t handled directly by our team is managed by one of our external partners. Since we only strive for the best interiors in your home, you can trust that our partners are fully vetted and will provide premium results.

 Interior Features

What exactly are the interior features? At M&Y Interiors, we consider design aspects that are built into the space as the interior features. The flooring, the wall colour or design, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, fireplaces, structural additions like columns or beams, staircases, doors, windows, or any element that cannot be easily picked up and moved. Essentially, almost everything apart from the furniture is noted as an interior feature.

When M&Y Interiors develops a design plan for your home, we include every aspect of the interior. We take every small detail into account, right down to the crown moulding. Before any installation takes place, we present our designs to you. With the help of visual boards and design renderings, we can give you a clear picture of what to expect in your home. We show you fabrics, colours, and textures in an effort to share our vision of your space and ensure that we’re on the same page. Only when we have your full agreement and a fully-developed design plan do we begin the interior installation.

 Furniture Installation

Selecting and positioning the furniture is the other significant aspect of interior installation. This is the part that most people think about when imagining what interior designers do – it’s more than just picking out colours, though. Selecting the best furniture suited to your home can be a challenge, in fact. Taking size and proportions into account as well as style doesn’t always yield the perfect balance right away.

Fortunately, M&Y Interiors have had years of experience in this business, so we can find that harmony. Having designed many homes in various styles over the past two decades, we understand how to achieve the height of style and luxury while maintaining functionality. Your home doesn’t have to be a showroom – but we’re experts at making it look like one while still being liveable. Once the interior features are completed, we will install the furniture, bringing the entire design concept together. 

Personalised Approach

At M&Y Interiors, we value trust, expertise, and forward-thinking style. We know that by allowing us into your home and charging us with the responsibility to design your ideal space, you are placing your confidence in our agency. We take this trust very seriously. We will always be fully transparent with you, respectful of your preferences and needs. 

We will also always take a personal approach to each home we work on. No two spaces need be copies of each other, even if they’re similar in style. M&Y Interiors apply expertise to create a refined space that captures the essence of the client. We might make suggestions to enhance your ideas and give you another perspective to consider. Ultimately, though, the design of your home is for you.