Living Space Design

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Living Space Design

Designing a living space can be challenging, as it usually serves more than one purpose in a home. It’s no wonder, then, that so often people make fundamental design mistakes when arranging their living room. By working with professional interior designers who’ve had years of experience, you can avoid these pitfalls and have the perfect living area.

Common Living Room Design Mistakes

What are some common mistakes people make when designing their living room? The three biggest culprits are a bad layout, the wrong sofa, and a tendency to overlook the small details.

The layout of a living room is one of its most important aspects. A living area will generally serve several purposes – gathering with the family, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing. It’s essential to position the furniture to foster conversation, rather than just placing the sofa opposite the TV and calling it a day. M&Y takes layout fully into account when designing a living room, taking detailed measurements so the room will be designed proportionally and optimally.

 Another crucial aspect of the living room design is the sofa. Many people underestimate just how efficiently the sofa pulls the room together, and opt for a sub-standard one. M&Y Interiors offers bespoke furniture, customisable to your living area. We can, therefore, design the perfect sofa for your space and avoid this common design mistake for you.

The third biggest mistake in living space design is overlooking small details. Often, people focus on the big pieces of furniture and interior features of the room – the sofa, the end tables, the wall colour, the flooring, and other large aspects like these. In so doing, they tend to forget about things like accent pillows, wall art, or the personal touches that make a living space your own.

As your interior designer, we will collaborate with you to incorporate individuality into your living space. Our design estimates include everything, from the largest features to the smallest details. So you can rest assured that your living room will perfectly represent you.

Bedroom Design

In addition to living room design, we also do bedroom design. This is another important room in the house that poses its own unique set of design challenges. Here again, M&Y can overcome these obstacles, having tackled many design projects over the years.

Common Bedroom Design Mistakes

The three most common mistakes we see in bedrooms are the use of distracting colours, a lack of balance, and an oversized bed.

People often try to integrate bold statement colours in their bedroom. While we acknowledge their daring design attempts, the bedroom isn’t really the place for bright hues. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and comfort. While loud tones might seem fun at first, after a while they become distracting. We often counsel clients to stick to muted shades and cooler colours in the bedroom for this reason.

Another common problem is a lack of balance. Even though you won’t be visiting with your guests in your bedroom, the layout of the room should still be proportional, like in the living room. A great way to achieve this is by offsetting the dominance of the bed with a small reading nook or desk in the corner of the room. We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio to discover how we’ve added balance to the bedrooms we’ve designed for previous clients.

Finally, people often make the mistake of having a bed that’s too large for the space. Sure, a large bed is more luxurious, but if it’s swallowing the room then it doesn’t add much comfort at all. At M&Y, we can design your bed for you, along with the rest of your bedroom furniture, to enhance the layout and optimise the space you have.

At M&Y Interiors, we take a personal approach to each home design project, living spaces and bedrooms included. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your home will be equally opulent and liveable.