Design for New Developments

Property development is on the rise across London and the UK. More and more people are seeing how lucrative developing residential properties can be. And while this points to an exciting new opportunity for interior designers, it’s also true that some developers don’t understand the necessity of interior design in their new builds. M&Y Interiors, with our years of proven interior design experience, help property developers create bespoke, refined design plans for their new builds.

An Essential Component of New Developments

Interior design is an integral part of the new development process – without it, your houses or flats won’t find buyers nearly as quickly. It’s proven that empty spaces are less appealing to prospective buyers and tenants than homes with finished designs and filled with furniture. When seeking out buyers for new developments, you’re not just selling homes. You’re selling opportunities for a new lifestyle.

Upon first reflection, it seems more logical that buyers interested in new developments want a clean, empty slate to start from. In fact, when met with homes completely void of design, buyers struggle to imagine their ideal lifestyle in a space. They become much less likely to purchase that home.

By designing the interior of a new house or flat, developers create a style that can appeal to their target buyers. When done properly, a new development’s interior design can speed up a sale. How can you achieve this proper design? With the services of experts, like M&Y Interiors.

Our Services in Interior Design for New Developments

M&Y specialises in interior design services for property developers. We’ve designed many show homes and residential properties throughout London, curating our services for developers. When you work with us, we’ll consult with you consistently throughout the phases of your project. By bringing us on board during the development’s planning and building phases, we can develop a coherent design that’s customised to your property.

Whether your new build is a single-home development or series of flats, we have the experience to deliver your bespoke design. We’re accustomed to designing large-scale projects, and will, therefore, have no trouble integrating a seamless design plan throughout your new development. We’ve also worked on single-family homes, so we understand the separate set of challenges that this poses.

Why Choose Us for New Development Interior Design?

Interior design can significantly boost sales of your new developments. You have a great deal to manage as a property developer, likely outsourcing many of your tasks to experts. The interior design is no different. Instead of attempting taking on the design of your new property yourself, leave it to the professionals. You can ensure your property will meet the highest standards of style and comfort, appealing to a wide cross-section of potential buyers.

Top Interior Design Tips for New Property Developments

Take Inspiration from Your Surroundings – As new developments pop up all over London, property developers should strive for design that sets them apart. Drawing on the neighbourhood’s local history and culture and incorporating it into the design scheme is a great way to create a genuinely authentic style that attracts prospective buyers.

Create Outdoor Spaces – For those living in the heart of the city, green space can be hard to come by. Developers who integrate terraces, winter gardens, or some form of comfortable outdoor living space can make their developments more appealing to buyers looking for that outdoor release.

Know When to Splurge – and When to Save – Just because the interior design of your property development is vital to its success doesn’t mean you have to devote the greater part of your budget to it. By working with interior designers, like the experts at M&Y, you can delegate your resources for the pieces that matter most. Designers know what’s worth spending on and when it’s more appropriate to save, and should gladly pass that knowledge on to you.

M&Y Interiors for Your Next Property Development

Our bespoke design services can truly make your new build stand out, helping to attract prospective buyers more quickly. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our services, as well as discuss our past projects.