The Grand Nursery

There seems to be a new wave of doting grandparents that are creating a dedicated space in their homes for their grandchildren.. Stylish, well thought out designer nurseries are replacing the standard guest room that was once used to sporadically host visiting friends. With the increase of  working mums and dad’s working away – or even taking weekend breaks away – minus the little one… good old grandparents have found a way they can step in and help by having a room always set up for the baby to sleep, with all the necessary baby paraphernalia at hand – complete with changing facilities, play areas, as well as storage for all the cute little outfits that they love to buy to spoil the little ones..

“At M&Y Interiors, we have certainly seen an increase in enquires for grandparents nurseries. There does seem to be an increasing number of grandparents that want to help out where they can.. We have created quite a few nurseries for our client and these are normally replacing the spare room or even the room that used to previously host the parent of the child.. We have created beautiful spaces that have murals either wallpapered or hand painted, cots, changing units and pretty blackout blinds as the grandparents would prefer not to be woken too early!

This move to include the growing families in their living space has coincided with clients of ours who are upsizing their homes when the grandchildren arrive to create more space for entertaining and dining and maybe a cinema room or playroom to entice the little ones to stay!

We are so happy to play our part in helping grandparents developing a special bond with their grandchildren made even more fun in a special created magical space that we designed for them…”

“Mandy Chody” M&Y Director

“We couldn’t wait to turn one of our spare rooms into a pretty, designated space for our grandchildren .. it also has an ensuite bathroom which makes bath time much easier and the kids love that they have a special room in our house! We love spending time with them and this is one way to ensure they are as comfortable as possible during their stay with us surrounded by their

books and toys ..” Mrs, H, London