Rental Property Design

 Property developers and landlords all over London understand the necessity of interior design in their rental properties. By developing a home’s interior, landlords can substantially increase the value, appealing to prospective tenants. For those wanting to let high-end flats and houses, an impeccable design is essential. As a property owner, you’re not just renting out a flat. You’re curating a living experience for your tenants, and as such, they expect a certain level of refinement in the interior design.

Although we have our bathroom design essentials at M&Y, ultimately our design comes down to our clients. We take your preferences and needs into account and put your personal tastes before our own. We’re able to offer our expertise and make suggestions, but we will always design a space with the client firmly in mind.

Our Top Design Tips for Rental Properties

Design for Your Target Tenants – Are you hoping to find young professionals to rent your property, or are you targeting a family instead? Knowing the details of your property’s neighbourhood and housing market can help you determine who’s most likely to seek out your property. Adding a bit of design flair that your target tenants would appreciate, while maintaining an overall neutrality, is essential.

Avoid Too Many Extras – When designing for rental properties, we like to keep things simple and elegant. We avoid trendy design pieces that could become tacky in a few years’ time. A rental property should offer comfort and functionality, while leaving a little room for tenants to add their own personal touches.

Maximise Storage – Tenants will be looking for your property’s storage options when deciding if they rent it or not. If your space is architecturally sparse on storage, devising clever solutions to create more storage could make your house or flat more appealing to tenants.

Interior Design Services for Rental Property

What do we offer our clients in terms of rental property interior design? Like our other design projects, we’ll begin by meeting with you personally, discussing your ambitions for and current challenges with your house or flat. When we have a sense of your vision, we can start drawing up our design plans. During our consultations, we’ll also happily advise you on designing for a rented property, suggesting ideas to bring your space to its full potential.

After our initial discussion, we can come to your property and survey. We’ll take measurements, examine technical aspects, and refine our design plan based on these features. Once we’re in agreement on the design plan, we can move forward. Depending on the work required, we may rely on external contractors to complete the project. Each of our partners is fully vetted and certified and in their respective sectors. When you work with M&Y, you only work with the best.

Why Work with M&Y on Your Rental Property Interior Design?

Designing for rental properties is unique. Those who’ll be inhabiting the space often have no say in the design, touring the home and signing the lease after it’s move-in ready. It’s up to the landlord, therefore, to develop a style that’s neutral enough to suit many tastes but luxurious enough to make the home comfortable. This isn’t an easy task to pull off! That’s why so many property owners collaborate with M&Y Interiors.

By relying on expert, bespoke interior design services, landlords and developers ensure their properties are attractive to prospective tenants. A lot of work goes into developing or running a property, with countless tasks to attend to. For many, the interior design of the rental property may not be a priority. This mindset can be detrimental to finding long-term tenants for high-end houses and flats. By working with M&Y, you don’t leave securing tenants to chance.

Let M&Y Interiors Design Your Rental Property

With our years of experience in interior design, we’re both knowledgeable and well-positioned in the industry to deliver an impeccable design for your rental home. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our services and past projects. You can also check out our portfolio here on our website.