Bathroom Design

 In addition to living spaces and bedrooms, M&Y Interiors can also design your perfect bathroom. This room is often overlooked when it comes to design. Function tends to be valued much more highly than design. But as with all of our design projects, we firmly believe and rigorously apply the mentality that liveability, personal style, and luxury can come together in any interior design. When you work with M&Y to design your home, we certainly won’t overlook your bathroom.

 Essentials for Bathroom Design

When it comes to bathroom design, we try to stick to three main principles – clear out clutter, use simple colours, and stick to clean lines.

 Clutter-Free Bathrooms

We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff in our bathrooms, like products we use, towels, maybe even dirty laundry. Without a way to organise everything, clutter can quickly overtake a bathroom and make it feel cramped. Even if M&Y is working with a small bathroom, we come up with simple yet innovative storage solutions, like tall shallow cabinets.

A Simple Bathroom Colour Palette

Another essential element in the bathroom is the colour. Modern bathrooms are usually white or grey, with similar muted tones to promote a relaxing yet hygienic feeling. We diverge from the stark white bathroom often, though, going for something more unique for clients who have a distinct taste. We encourage you to look at our portfolio to see how we incorporate colour into our bathroom designs.

Modern, Clean Lines

Finally, we tend to stick to straight, clean lines in our modern bathroom designs. Square vanities and tiles in the bathroom can give the space a structured feel, which is sought after by many homeowners today.

Although we have our bathroom design essentials at M&Y, ultimately our design comes down to our clients. We take your preferences and needs into account and put your personal tastes before our own. We’re able to offer our expertise and make suggestions, but we will always design a space with the client firmly in mind.

Wet Room or Shower Room

M&Y also specialise in designing wet rooms or shower rooms. Wet rooms are growing in popularity since they’re aesthetically contemporary, as well as practical for either children or the elderly. A wet room is typically a water-tight room that has a partitioned area for the shower. The floor is also flush from the shower areas to the rest of the room. It has a gentle gradient, so water can flow into the drain.

Some wet rooms might put a door near the shower-head, to create a sense of privacy or separation from the rest of the room. Others might be completely open. Wet rooms can create a sleek, contemporary flair, by using the same tiles for the floors as for the walls.

Wet Rooms for Any Space

These shower rooms are great for both small and large spaces. There’s no need to install a separate shower cubicle in a smaller bathroom, and a wet room can capitalise on the openness of a larger bathroom. Recently, wet room technology has advanced, so these rooms can be installed on the upper floors of your home rather than only the ground floor.

Some other considerations for designing wet rooms are adding luxury with in-floor heating, working around space constraints with a bespoke arrangement, and overall design styles. The possibilities for wet rooms are open, since they’re often designed to fit the space they’re in. They can be either contemporary and modern, or fit more traditional tastes.

As interior designers who value an individualised approach to each project, M&Y applies years of experience to design elegant spaces. Our clients trust us to transform their residential spaces into luxurious, liveable homes.